How to find a loved one?

How to find a loved one?
 Man - the creation of social, so it is difficult to live alone. Attachment to other people makes us seek the right one that will help us throughout life, support and advice. Search lover someone takes several weeks, and someone years. It all depends on your performance and success.

Do not drop the one who can not walk. So before you find the right one, you will meet many people who are not worthy of you. Do not be afraid to give them my love and do not worry when your mistake will become obvious. Treat the matter with humor and philosophically.


Do not fall into the arms of the first comer, to provide you with the slightest sign of attention. Maybe he does so with all the members of the opposite sex? To know him better, ask mutual friends. Perhaps this man already has sweetheart or lover, and even a few.


Be archetypal quality of your sex: for men - the power and reliability for women - weakness and helplessness. In varying degrees, these sexual characteristics present in the nature of every human being: a man seeks to protect the weak woman and thereby demonstrate their strength, a woman in need of protection and is committed to a strong man.


Make new acquaintances wherever appearing. You can start a conversation with any phrases, even the most stupid. The main thing - to interest interlocutor. Try to immediately calculate its weaknesses and play with them: flattery, talkativeness, something else. Keep track of what he says and later recalled. So you show your attention and interest in it. But do not overdo it and be sincere.


Please be patient. Even if you think this is the one you have been waiting and looking for all my life, a closer look and wait. Choose from a variety of friends and admirers, in whom believe for sure.

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