How to avoid a scandal with a loved one

How to avoid a scandal with a loved one
 Differences of opinion are natural - no matter how much a person close to you, between you can always flare up debate on any topic. The most important thing in this case - to avoid a scandal, when emotions overflowed both and you can not just tell a story, but also mess things up too much.
 The first step that you should do - is to regulate their own emotions. Sometimes it is very difficult to calm down and pull myself together, especially if the dialogue is already under way in a raised voice, but it is necessary. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, trying to ignore the event. Look at the situation from the outside, as if you are a third party, disinterested observer who is not involved in the dialogue.

You can also submit your partner on the spot any object that does not cause you aggression - for example, a young child who is generally very nice and responsive baby, but right now naughty, so it should reassure.
Wait for a pause in the monologue partner. Calm confident tone say that you understand the nature of discontent and are ready to discuss the situation, but only on a quiet wave. Make it clear that you understand the seriousness of the issue, regardless of what you think is in reality - it is necessary that your partner just like you, calmed down and was able to talk calmly, without too much aggression. Often, in order to calm down, take time, offer to take time out for ten or fifteen minutes and then continue on a quiet wave.

If this does not help, ignore aggressive attacks and do not respond to provocations. Gradually you will see that the conversation goes back to normal. The most important thing - to make your peace of mind was not perceived as a sign of excellence, create an atmosphere of understanding and trust.

Turn the situation into a joke. Imagine all the partner with a funny side. Laughter - a great way of accumulated nervous tension, one can not fully relax for ten to fifteen minutes, and the need to provide an outlet for stress, otherwise it will be a hindrance. Manipulating the situation so you can create a subconscious feeling your partner that you are in control of the dialogue, and then your argument would sound more convincing.

However, not too zealous in the justification solely to its position, otherwise the dispute is inevitable, and this time on a raised voice. Use the resulting benefit to find a reasonable logical compromise.

Perhaps that will suit your partner will not hold you in the here and now. In this case, you should make concessions, and later, after a couple of days to discuss the point that you do not like, apart from the main subject of the dispute which has arisen now. Do not put an ultimatum, the best option would be to introduce it as a request or a small suggestion. Such small steps you can gradually get him to change his mind and fully accept your point of view.

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