His ex

His ex
 Each of us, starting a new relationship comes with the baggage of the past - trouble with work, with family troubles and often with baggage of past relationships. So before you nervous about ex-girlfriend or wife of her lover, you should understand one thing for yourself. Your lover has already completed a past relationship, put them on the cross and the "former" for him just a friend, or mother of his children.

Otherwise, you need to properly recharge your composure and try to understand the situation.

When your boyfriend says ex-girlfriend having fun retelling the moments of their first meeting, he apparently indifferent to it yet. However, you must realize that they had a common history, common acquaintances and "former" is already a part of his life.

If a guy is trying to change your appearance, making like a "former" or require the same behavior in sex, and do not panic here. You must call the lover on a frank conversation and gently but firmly lead to the conclusion that the former - is a stranger, and now the girl for him - you. The same people does not exist and your lover chose you for a reason. And with the "former" he broke up too, not just the case.

If your guy to the old passion is indifferent, but she continues to compulsively interfere with your life, then you have to endure even more cool. Most likely, "the former" said nursing your guy just another quarrel. Or its responsible behavior in the financial and moral support she perceives as a revival of old feelings.

In such cases, the ex-girl often asks for a favor, appointments and help with the housework, and then you need to be a little bit smarter. Do not criticize the "former", but rather to offer help and together with her beloved pay maximum attention. As a rule, requests for the "former" gradually come to naught.

When old love affair set aggressively threatened by phone or insults at the meeting, in any case do not go at it on occasion. Indifference - the best response to such behavior.

And do not interfere with your beloved strife. After all, he is with you. In addition, without the "former" and you would not know how your beloved great. As it was she who led him through the scandals and domestic squabbles by teaching coveted art of compromise. And that's it, we can say, has brought you together.

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