6 ways to ruin a man date

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"The first impression - the most important thing." But not every woman remembers it, going on a first date. American psychologists have compiled a list that includes six of the most common mistakes made by women on their first date, and which are able to damage it.

1.Byt cold and indifferent

Most women believe that a man should take the initiative to date. This is misleading. After all, if a woman is indifferent, the man decides that this meeting is absolutely brings her pleasure.

2. flirted with other men

Of course, you can be polite in dealing with the waiter or met by chance a friend. But we should not "go too far". Almost all their attention should be paid to the man who invited her on a date.

3. complained to life

First date - this is not the best time for the revelations. Such conversations can scare a man.

4. To behave provocatively

Eccentricity and originality, which are guided by a woman on a date, very often look ridiculous. Men are more like natural women.

5. Fight

If you suddenly while talking to your opinions in something apart, do not argue. It is unlikely that a man will take the position of a loser, but your head to frighten him.

6. The plan for the future

On the first date in any case we can not speak about the wedding, children and domestic aspects. All this will scare partner, and he may no longer call.

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