Treason. To be or not to be?

Treason. To be or not to be?
 Spouses often thoughts of possible changes. The reasons could be many factors - quarrels and scandals in the family, mutual misunderstanding and resentment. And some men and women to "go left" want just to fill the void in their sexual lives. But the question is - to be or not to be changed? - Very difficult. And before making a decision you must seriously consider.

Psychologists claim that cheating - a desire to make up for what is lacking in everyday life. If a man does not satisfy his wife in bed or wife refuses husband in intimacy, the couple begin to "walk on the side." In addition, if one spouse wants to diversify sex, for example, try role-playing game, or an interesting position, and the other denies it, you can try to satisfy the fantasies with his mistress / lover.

And if the family has not enough affection, love, understanding, all filled with treason. In this situation, it is necessary and essential phenomenon. If it is not, people will start to wither. Such spouses will experience a mental disorder. Family can hardly be saved.

Another reason is treason search of thrills. When the family is quiet and a little too quiet, love and mutual respect there, but there is no spice in sex, diversity in intimacy. Sooner or later, the couple begin to quarrel, so like a betrayal gives the family a chance to exist.

But getting used to spice side can ruin a good marital relationship. Therefore, it is better not to allow treason. But sex between husband and wife is recommended to diversify. And both must strive to do so.

And finally, betrayal may need to increase their self-esteem, to avenge his wife for the offense or find a friend who will sympathize, understand and help in solving family or work problems. In this case the person is trying to meet their secondary needs, that is, the need for self-development.

However, before making a final decision needs to understand that the family can always be saved. Try to assess the reasons that push you to commit adultery, and a reassessment of marital relationships. Perhaps then you will be able to find a way out of difficult family and domestic problems.

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