Misogynistic and Valais

Misogynistic and Valais
 Most men love women who enjoy their society, like their attention. But there are some amazing individuals that women can not stand. Try to make a list of them to know who the case is unlikely to be worth it. After misogynistic rarely able to make his darling happy. And now you will understand why.

Misogynist can be divided into five major groups.

1. Intimofoby. These are men who are chronically afraid of close relationships. They are interested in women, while there is a mystery, there is a distance, not much is known and ghostly. But as soon as they see reality they are generally hand wash. Or go, or begin to push your partner to sever relations. And do not disdain any means, including no veiled treason, demonstrative of booze and even insults.

2. impotent. Those men now very much. Not all of them are hopeless, but some give up after the first failure. And as a result, avoid women to again fiasco. Cover their indifference to the female sex benign neglect or outright disrespect for women. Often use the ugly labels like "female", "teen", "stupid blondie," etc.

3. Homosexuals. Everything is clear without comment. Not so many gays are able to be "girlfriends", as shown in the movie. Yes, they are very careful, scrupulous, can talk to a woman about fashion and relationships. But among them are often found these men, which are quite hostile to the female sex.

4. Cynics. Some men cover their weaknesses and vices cynicism. They seem to say to the world: "It's not me so bad, it's awful world." Not all cynics misogynistic, but there are also some who perceive women as part of the foundation or even not satisfied with their creation. They see the ladies only bad traits - greed, pragmatism, insincerity. Though they may have all this set of qualities. Only myself and my floor they forgive, and women - not.

5. mama's boy. This type of misogynist special: sissy usually madly loves a woman, and hates everyone else. After all, they are weak likeness of her that. In the partner, they often choose their power and tough ladies who can humiliate and insult them. Thus they prove themselves over and over again that there is no one better mom. And that means that it is not necessary to look - you can live up to the gray hair with custodial and beloved mother.

Among the types of little lovable character. So it is: misogynous are not a good life. As a rule, in the life of every man, contemptuously referring to the female sex, there is a huge insult to one of the ladies. And this psychological trauma does not allow him to look over the horizon, and poisoning the lives of most men and women around him.

And yet all of these types of misogynist have one justifying their trait - they are gentle creatures. Resentment of women suffer many men, but only the most vulnerable of them have a chance to become a misogynous.

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