How to recognize a betrayal of men

How to recognize a betrayal of men
 Most women experiencing betrayal of the man she loved very painful. Such betrayal can be forgiven, but anguish and further lack of trust in the relationship does not compensate. Men traitors "experienced" skillfully hide their adventures. However, recognize treason men easily enough.
 Opinion that if much love, you just love a man absolutely everything - is wrong. The pain of betrayal alienate anyone from even before incredibly loved one. If in doubt crept into the soul of loyalty partner - make every effort to recognize the treacherous betrayal of a life partner.

Symptom first and most alarming - you irritate him. Your speech, voice, touch, your very existence with him in the same area periodically or continuously makes him dislike. He remained silent, not willing to communicate, accuses you of excessive compulsion toward him. Feelings of guilt and inner psychological imbalance caused by mental Throwing between two women, results in an uncontrolled rage and stream of insults towards you. He subconsciously trying to shift the burden of responsibility for change on your shoulders, to show you in this way, it is you their behavior and attitude towards him pushed him to change, even if it is not.

Of your relationship disappeared romance, tenderness and erstwhile passion. Of course, life and life couple has lived together for several years, it is unlikely boasts an abundance of romance in a relationship. But if he no longer gives you flowers, while previously touted bouquet almost every week, and regular sex has become boring and bland or he did was letting him down, citing the constant fatigue - a substantial reason to think that sexual diversity to your man may suffice "on the side".

Free access to his mobile phone for some time now for you banned. Once you touch the mobile phone a loved one, as he literally pulls it out of your hands. He picks up the phone with you, even to the bathroom at night and hides under his pillow. On the contact list and photos of him there is a password, and he tells you he does not plan to. This behavior is a direct proof of infidelity by men.

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