How to feel human

How to feel human
 Perhaps you may have noticed that when meeting with a particular person sometimes after a few minutes, you have a feeling or spiritual affinity with it, or complete rejection. Of course, there were times when intuition fails you, and after a time you had to revise their attitude. A better feel for the person you can, drawing attention to certain features of speech culture and behavior.
 Pay attention to what words a person uses in his speech on its meaning. This is an indicator of belonging to a certain social class, profession. It reflects the outlook of the person, his interests and attitude towards life. Man of action, active, used to take the initiative in his speech to use the phrase "I decided," "I think", "I think." Guided man, the one who prefers to take decisions for him, in his speech will refer to the opinions of others.

Listen to the conversation of a stranger, select words and phrases that he uses most often. Closed group of people - families, corporate associations, are used in the same conversation phrases spoken by another person, unconsciously perceived as a password. This is a signal that the interlocutor - "his", he can be trusted. Talk to imitate your friend, eat the same phrases, and your partner will feel confidence in you and will be revealed in its communication to a greater extent.

Such verbal imitation that you make quite consciously and deliberately, your partner will not notice - because it is the natural use of such terminology. But it is, nevertheless, unconsciously arrange it to you. This is especially true when you are discussing their professional activities. In this case, avoid the use of incorrect or inappropriate words, so as not to lose contact. This principle speech "echo" implies that you will call objects and phenomena in the same words, what defines them your partner.

To get a better feel of another person, try to move it. Use in conversation his gestures. Watch as he walks, sit down, holding a cup of coffee. Try to repeat his movements and to do so in the same rhythm. Such simple techniques familiar to psychologists who use them in their work with their patients to relax their cause to be frank. There is no reason to not use this technique in everyday life, to get a better feel of another person.

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