First date: signals a retreat

First date: signals a retreat
 Already after the first date of the person you might get some impression. Unfortunately, not always in dating people show their best side. Being considerate person, you will be able to pay attention to some details, especially in behavior, is a signal to retreat.

If you are going on a first date, and male and female pay special attention to their appearance, because the first impression of you, though not definitive, but will affect the further development of relations. So your slovenly appearance or too creative way can alert partner.

During the first meeting, and may get some impression of the man: his generosity, kindness, sociability, etc. Of course, many girls alerted offer men split a restaurant bill in half, although in some European countries it is the norm. They will consider such a partner as greedy or overly prudent. They are unlikely to agree to go with him in any institution again.

If a man behaves aggressively towards, for example, to the waiter or sitting at another table for young people, for you it can be a signal to retreat. Apparently, he quickly irritated by trifles, unbalanced or too impulsive. Suspicion and jealousy manifestation on the first date is also completely irrelevant.

Signal a retreat may be excessive enthusiasm of alcohol during the first meeting. Perhaps the young man has a certain relationship, if you are constantly offering to raise a toast and he drank one glass after another.

Excessive obsession might scare as strong half of mankind, as well as the weaker sex. A man will treat this behavior as girls are readily available, and as a woman as arrogance and rudeness. Not everyone will like, if during the first meeting violate your personal space, you try to hug, kiss, hint at the continuation of the meeting in a more intimate setting. This can be interpreted as a date for a single day or night.

Guards also interest the satellite to your financial situation. If he asks you about the availability of apartments, cars, social status of your family, then most likely, it's not you wonder, and material benefit from a relationship with you.

Be especially careful on the first date, to avoid mistakes and not to be trapped.

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