Family sex: the struggle with the routine

Family sex: the struggle with the routine
 Family life, family life, children, affairs and problems can dull the passionate feeling, once burning between you and your spouse. In this regard, the sexual life can be dull, boring, monotonous. This is not good for relationships and family happiness, because high-quality sex life - the key to a strong family. With monotonous sex, similar to the routine, you have to fight and improve it.

Take a look at your love life on the other side. Would you like sex? Do you know how to relax, let go of all thoughts of affairs and children during lovemaking? Surely, you do not always succeed.

To be desired, you most believe in what you are extremely sexual person, and that all the surrounding men look at you with a secret desire. From the internal sense of its attractiveness to change your behavior and even the appearance that will definitely notice a loved one.

More often pamper yourself clothes that you look and feel sexy and irresistible. Casual clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure. Reconsider the home dressing room - throw baggy robes and elongated dimensionless shirts. The husband should see more of your blossoming and attractive home. Buy silk dressing gowns or robes, kimonos, that will make your home irresistible way.

Do not carry the household and working problems in bed. And especially do not discuss them with her husband during sex. It can kill even a strong desire to make love. Relax and disconnect from everything during lovemaking.

Often change hairstyle and wardrobe. This will not only raise your mood, but also make you enjoy the chosen one - a beautiful, fashionable, young and happy.

From time to time take the initiative in sexual life itself. A man gets when she herself begins to caress him and persuade to have sex. You can be unbridled and passionate woman week, seducing her husband caresses at the most unexpected time of day or night.

Arrange unusual intimate evening with Wearing Lingerie, massages, movies for adults. Men react to innovations such bright flashes of passion.

Change the setting for sex. The output can be carried out together in a rustic cabin or room cozy hotel. More romance, fantasy, games - and violent passions you provided.

Despite what you live for many years with her husband, it does not mean that it does not need to seduce and charm. Often touch it, kiss, flirting with him - all this diversity routine family life.

Do not leave the family sex without due attention, otherwise it will be too boring and measured. Bring to a variety of new paint. Good sex will make your life more colorful, interesting and happy.

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