Familiarity with his mom. Choosing the right tactics

Familiarity with his mom. Choosing the right tactics
 Once you and your loved one to know one another and came to the conclusion that you are well and comfortably together and want to continue the marriage, there comes a time for both extreme - Meet the Parents. Especially memorable for you will be providing your mother your lover - for men this step is an internal decision for yourself that you are dear to him and wondering how future life partner.

And for you, this kind of stress, which is not always possible to prepare. What can help is not so worried and feel more confident during the meet and communicate with his mom?

What to wear and how to look

You should not pay too much attention to the issue outfit - just remember the clothes in which you feel comfortable that helps you express yourself. Of course, at all times, the girl looked advantageous in a dress or skirt acceptable length, because it emphasizes the natural beauty, femininity, elegance. But if you like, or accustomed to see myself in the pants or jeans, feel free to put them on. The main thing - to choose comfortable clothes, do not hold down or depress you. No wonder our grandmother always said that the most important thing in a woman's not the clothes or her style and neatness, cleanliness and neatness. Besides, Mom your vote will still be familiar to you as a person, a person and not a suit, wearing on you.

How to behave

Of course, you worry, this is natural in any situation that you perceive a very serious and important. If you excitement will greatly hamper, heart pounding, and jump out of my chest, you can use a simple way to defuse the situation - to say out loud that worry, it's nothing to worry about. Quite the contrary - it will immediately remove the universal voltage, because the experience is not just you. Your young man and his parents worry at least, for them it is a significant and serious moment. And sincerity and naturally always makes opponents benevolent feelings and smile.

In general, try not to make a fuss, do not talk too much, do not make any sudden movements, openly look at him, smile more, because it is your charming smile once struck your beloved.

How to communicate with his mother

Remember the cardinal rule of doing any interviews - be yourself. This does not mean you have to allow yourself to frivolity, behave vulgar and imposingly, talk to youth slang, if you are accustomed to that. It means being honest with yourself, do not be false to the interlocutor, to feel worthy and express what you feel, if you joy - laugh if something you confused - do not be afraid to show embarrassment. Open and truthful person always has to itself.
In conversation with his mother to clarify for myself that her son dear to you the way it is brought up, it means that initially it might not be a bad person.

Topics for discussion may be many: travel, hobbies, your childhood and your vote, view family photo albums and stories about the family ... The main thing - listen to yourself and do not be afraid to show your sincere interest and attention!

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