How do I know changes, the guy or not

How do I know changes, the guy or not
 Jealousy - a terrible feeling, which is able to poison the lives of you and your lover. If you suspect your man changes you, be sure to check his suspicions before deciding on the serious measures.
 As a rule, the most obvious sign of infidelity becomes a dramatic change in the attitude of man to his woman. Changes may be different, but they are always visible. He began to give expensive gifts, or on the contrary, stopped paying attention to you? Overly affectionate and caring or too cold and indifferent? Pay attention to these changes - it can be a wake-up call.

Changes may also relate to the appearance of men: husbands wrong sometimes suddenly change hairstyle and haircut, style of clothing, start more carefully look after themselves. If your man began to appear different things, clearly resembling a gift from a lover, then you should be wary. This can be a purse, men's perfume, luxury watches, tie, belt and other things that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Followed by the speech of her lover. Often, smart women know about the change it for new words and phrases in the lexicon of men. People tend to quickly adopt the favorite words and repeat them without noticing it. This way you can even learn about who your opponent. If, for example, you notice that her husband often repeats some of the characteristic expression of your friends, ask them how long have they seen and followed by the reaction.

Your husband was frequently held up at work, to provoke a quarrel, to leave the house, slamming the door? It suddenly became interested in men's gatherings, for which he regularly leaves you? This may be a sign of infidelity. Pay attention to where the husband leaves his phone. If before he could put it anywhere, and now even in the shower with him goes, so he has something to hide. He began to block access to your ICQ and immediately turns off the message box when you approach? Perhaps he is trying to hide the conversation, which you, in his opinion, is not worth knowing? Such behavior is often indicative of treason.

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