If you earn more than he ...

If you earn more than he ...
 It is believed that in the families of miners to be men. And, indeed, some of them are working hard, putting all the household chores on women who typically earn less. But in today's society, this situation is not a rule. The wife may well be more successful in financial affairs than her husband. But whether or not to dwell on this - depends on what kind of relationship developed between man and woman.

Have you planned a serious relationship with a man who seems to be happy with you around. He has a wonderful temperament, there are many common interests with him you feel yourself the most beautiful and unique. But ... he earns less than you. Do I need to think about it? Or, finding themselves too petty, "pull the plug" on the situation? It all depends only partly on the chosen one, but mostly - from your inner world, principles and views on life. Looking into his soul, you can decide whether you will be happy with this man.

Think about it, what is the role of money in your life. If all childhood and youth was held in a cozy family "nest" where you guarded, not giving to feel financial problems, and his father served as the head of earning, then most likely, you will want to see her husband in the same "fortress". And with this concept malozarabatyvayuschy man can not be combined. So over time, you had the impression that he just does not satisfy all the requirements.

But there are cases where the fair sex have a habit in all rely on their own strength, to achieve all its own. From this way of life, we can conclude: finance for man - a minor factor. Only then would have loved to get used to the fact that the need to act as a slave, largely control the woman - the leader.

Of course, recognizing in it the ordinary gigolo, better relationships break. Because such items are capable of infinitely "suck" the money is not experiencing any feelings other than greed.

But, if chosen for your account is not trying to live, you should not give up because of material inconsistencies. Not having bad habits and testing to you sincere feelings, he may well be a wonderful husband and father even. Love, care, affection can not be bought. Therefore, having confidence in their choice, do not make money problems disaster. In the end, a woman may be very good for the family breadwinner.

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