A short guide to dating resort

A short guide to dating resort
 Problem resort novels as old as are the resorts. No matter how indignant about this zealous champions of morality, the very atmosphere relaxed, relaxing stay, and even against the backdrop of a beautiful, exotic scenery, contributes to the emancipation and "boiling blood."

What advise ladies who came to the resort not only to enjoy the beautiful sea and the mountains? How to behave, and to get what you want, and not risk wasting, and not to be disappointed?

First of all, firmly remember the unpleasant truth: The resort is full of gigolos, which like you, a woman - a means of existence. Try not to lose your head, hearing compliments colorful and passionate declarations of mad love, which is equal to, of course, the world has ever seen. Especially if it happens in foreign resorts, and love Cavalier - from the staff. However, if you belong to those women who come with maniacal persistence on all rake in sight - go ahead and flag in your hands. Try to just leave the money though to travel home (the other successfully pull passionate macho).

If you have enough sense to pass this trap, remember the wise truth: "A similar attracted similar! "That is the right candidate in the" Comforter "to be like you. At least character. If more and habits - consider yourself very lucky and seducing the gentleman, not giving him a chance to escape.

That is, if you are by nature - quiet and shy, also married, which is not going to break down, look for a partner of the same. Tikhonov-modesty, which is ready for the madness of love, but a little afraid of women, including - dear husband, stayed home. Novel you will, perhaps, not too impressive, but certainly without undesirable consequences. In all respects.

If you - gay, bristling with energy, look cheerful man who is about the most simple, everyday objects can speak as if they were endowed with a soul. You will not regret. Vivid sensations guaranteed. The only problem is that such a treasure for the other ladies suit most real hunt.

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