The main reasons for changes

The main reasons for changes
 Betrayal - it is always unpleasant, hurt and pain. And, as a rule, people understand what can happen as a result of a passing infatuation. But what drives men and women on this fateful step, after which it is very difficult to give life back on track?

The most important cause of treason are quarrels in the family. When a man is tired of family scandals, he can "discharge" in the company of a young lover. By the way, my wife, too, can change by marriage for the same reason, but it happens less frequently.

Another common reason - it is dissatisfaction with marriage. Everyday problems oppress spouses, they want some novelty in life. It is for this reason often change husbands and wives, too early to start a family. They just have not had time to "work up".

Many people feel self-changing facilities. When a woman does not hear compliments from a loved one, and the husband begins to give up on life because of frequent "misfires" in the intimate life, they are trying to prove to myself that are still attractive to the opposite sex.

In addition, the husband or wife may just get bored family life, where everything is predetermined - work, home, cooking, washing and cleaning. The lack of romance can push spouse to commit adultery.

If infidelity occur frequently and with different partners, there is a high probability that the husband or wife, there are certain psychological problems. For example, when a woman can not skip past him not one man, here we can talk about nymphomania.

Change can be a loving husband and for revenge. When he finds out about the betrayal of a loved one, he wants to make a step back. But as a rule, such behavior will not bring satisfaction.

There are other causes of infidelity. For example, excessive amounts of alcohol when the person ceases to control yourself, or despair, when the wife has just do not know how else to attract the attention of a loved one. But in any case, we can not say that cheating is the fault of only one partner, because if the husband or wife understood his companion, respected and loved him, treason could not be.

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