How to start meeting with the former

How to start meeting with the former
 If you broke up with her boyfriend, do not worry too much. After all, you can restore broken relationships. Of course, just to talk, you will not achieve anything. Scandals and cry is not worth it. We need to act in a completely different direction.
 To begin to meet with the former, you need to work hard. Typically, men are attracted to all new and inaccessible. Therefore, you will need to change dramatically and create the illusion of inaccessibility. Of course, this is not done in one day.

Start with the exterior. Perhaps your ex young man something you did not like. Try to fix all your flaws. Tidy figure. But do not sit on a rigid diet or completely refuse to eat. Enough to start eating right and exercise regularly.

If you can not go to the gym, is engaged in the home. Choose a couple of free days, make a personalized exercise program. Try to get as much physical activity in their lives. For example, give up the elevator, go up the stairs. Less use public transport, walk through the streets.

Come up with a new look. Change your hairstyle and hair color; if possible, growing nails or eyelashes, go to the solarium. But do not overdo it. Too long nails look aggressive. And too dark woman like a roast chicken. Everything is good in moderation.

Further loans to their education. You will not be able to attract a man only looks. Try to read as much as possible. To fill the gaps in education. Find a new rewarding hobby. Catching them, you not only get new knowledge and skills, but also find new friends.

Never show in public his bad mood. Let your ex young people will think that you are all well. Try to make new fans. Men have always been interested and will be interested in the elusive prey. Therefore, the information that you have someone like you, it will act like a red rag to a bull.

All your actions can not fail to be interested in your ex man. And, most of all, he wants you back. But do not agree to restore relations after the first sentence. Promise to think that you just will interest him more. A time to refrain from serious conversations. But when held at least a couple of weeks after the start of his courtship, agree to meet again.

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