The whole world has turned away from me ...

The whole world has turned away from me ...
 Sometimes a person has the impression that the whole world has turned away from him, his whole life went down the drain, and its existence on earth is meaningless. This distance from the soul - evidence of overt depression. It may be reasonable, and for no apparent reason. But the trouble is that depression can last for a long time and cause a person to mental disorders and even suicide.

Periods of emotional crisis going through everyone. Only one term each. And the flow of "disease" can be of varying complexity. Our time is called "the century of melancholy." Busy schedule, lack of privacy, stress and various life troubles who may want to unsettle.

Statistics show that depression are more prone to urban dwellers, mostly, it's the people of brainwork. Women account for major depression. Men rarely fall into depression, but they come out of it a lot harder than women.

Fight depression can own, and it is possible with medical assistance. In the West, by the way, seeking medical services in the case of depression - no longer a gimmick.

You can, of course, to compare their plight with hungry children in Africa, prisoners of Auschwitz, the disabled who are unable to walk, and take comfort in the thought that is even worse.

But better still to focus on the positive. For, as they say, like attracts like. Of course, very difficult to go back to a normal lifestyle in a situation where you had gone from wife or husband, and her son was ill severe illness, and indeed you feel unwell. But it is important to know - sorrow tears do not help, even though they are able for a while to remove tension.

People with depression are advised to sleep more and sleep well. Sleep, it turns out, a great healer. From bad thoughts distract sports. No wonder they say: "In a healthy body - healthy mind".

Allow yourself small joys of life - a bar of chocolate or banana. These products contain endorphins - happy hormones that elevate mood. Watch your diet, change your wallpaper to a colorful and bright, pay a visit to old friends, try to communicate more with cheerful and positive people. Gradually your life will sparkle with new colors.

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