Skinny or chubby. On the Psychology of Women

Skinny or chubby. On the Psychology of Women
 Weight - one of the most painful issues for almost every woman. Most of the girls are not satisfied with their figure. Some dream to lose weight, while others recover. Often such resentment can not be sustained, and they suffer mainly those with weight just kept within normal limits. 5-7 extra pounds can unbalance a woman who considers herself plump, but is unlikely to affect the psychological state of the already fat ladies.

Psychological portraits too full or thin people are very similar. These people are not very confident, because they believe that they do not comply with generally accepted standards of beauty.

Some girls are so turn in on themselves, that have great difficulty communicating with their peers. Fat women begin to hide her figure in a wide hoodies, skinny girls also try to hide their weaknesses by using a broad apparel.

Sometimes these girls behave like a rebel, wear clothes that do not fit them, in order to attract attention. This is another way to make everyone pay attention not to figure flaws, and other elements in the image. Often, women who suffer disadvantage or overweight, angry and very sharp people.

Thin women tend to depend on the food much more than full. This is due to rapid metabolism, which immediately burn all the calories received with food. To feel good thin people definitely need to have. No power could adversely affect the psychological state of the woman. Hunger, thin people become extremely angry and irritable.

Fat women, on the contrary, can easily move a hunger strike. The fact that the nutrient reserves in their body enough so that no damage to health survive for some time without food.

Often full of women obsessed with all kinds of diets. Often they try a lot of techniques. However, even throwing off some weight soon return to the usual diet. Because of this, not only lost weight back, but also brings a few pounds above.

People suffering from both surplus and lack of weight, it should be remembered that such problems often arise due to diseases of the thyroid or pancreas or hormonal imbalance. So before you pace yourself diets need a consultation with a professional.

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