Lust for power: vampirism

Lust for power: vampirism
 Power - this is one of the most common human needs. On the nature of power first wrote Adler - associate of Freud. It Adler said company to the phenomenon of energy vampirism as the most effective way to fully enjoy the taste of power over another person.

Energy vampirism - is a state where one of the partners, buddies, colleagues or friends 'feeds' the energy of others. Why does he do it?

Firstly, the energy of other people allows a vampire to feel cheerful, happy and full of energy to achieve their own goals. Secondly, it is the energy of others gives the vampire sense of superiority. He feels his strength, so sure that he has power over men, it can manage and control their actions and deeds. To make it clear what it is about, consider the following example.

As a university teacher worked, which was a fragile little woman with a soft voice and undistinguished appearance. However, at this university, all students knew her as "energy vampires." After each lecture or practical activities, all students out of the classroom gloomy, exhausted and sad.

Teacher with special instruments influenced the psyche of students ate their energy, thus attracting attention to the person. She could feel the power of the students, even without a loud voice, strong and well-developed muscles. But her fear and somehow implicitly carries out its task.

So how does the energy vampire takes the "energy" in others? Adler distinguishes such a thing as "the suppression of desire." The parents of many children in the family are trying to establish a system in which the child must fully comply with the will and orders of their parents.

As a result, grows a man who unquestioningly comply with any request and does not have their own opinions. His desire to always be disputed or crush. Energy vampires at a subconscious level feel such people. They lead them not only in the office, but also with friends or relatives. The thirst for power energy vampire appears in any relationship (friend - a friend, a wife - husband, mother - son, a colleague - a colleague, the seller - the buyer), and not just in the scheme of "slave - the head."

In conclusion it should be noted that the impact of the energy vampire can be avoided. We just need to always remain calm, to believe and think only about the good, do good deeds and make positive actions. Mentally, you should always limit yourself from the invisible influence of a vampire.

Do not let suppress their own desires, it is better to try to explain to the head or a friend, why did you choose this or that way and to support their choice of reasonableness. Do not let a vampire to satisfy his lust for power of your energy!

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