How to recognize a lie by gestures

How to recognize a lie by gestures
 When a person is lying, his outstanding gestures. After all, he knows that speak a lie is bad - and the body reacts on a subconscious level. Therefore, to recognize a lie often difficult. Only need to watch the interlocutor.
 Lie is alien to man. And so as a man tried, his gestures and facial expressions will be given his head. Even if he is familiar with nonverbal psychology, completely fake gestures impossible. In the behavior will still be unbalanced or insincerity.

Smile, kind and open, always friendly and was a manifestation of positive intentions. But if a person tries to lie, his smile will be uneven, asymmetrical. And this is the first signs of the lies. It is also very clearly be noticeable dissonance between the right and left side of his face. Even if an individual will make every effort to harmonize the mind and the subconscious mind will not work.

As a rule, lying about a man trying to hide his hand. It may also relate to the face, ears, hair or neck. As a child, many close themselves hand over her mouth when speaking the truth. And it's a subconscious manifestation accompanies each person in life. Hand trying to cover his mouth. But at some point the mind wins subconscious. And the hand is smooth hair, tugging the ear lobe, scratching his nose. If a person in conversation touches the head, this is the first sign of his insincerity.

Nerves speaking the truth can also nibble on her lips, blinking, coughing. His hands can pull at the first available item. As a rule, lie should be a lot of unnecessary actions. A person can stand, walk, and take immediately to put an object or start gesticulating vigorously. In this way he is trying to cover up a lie.

If in the course of conversation, someone took the closed position, ie, crossed his arms or legs, and then immediately changed the position of the body, it can also speak of insincerity. Surely, he is aware of nonverbal psychology. On a subconscious level, he tried to tell the other person about the wrong. But then realized that this pose harm, and changed it.

Each of these gestures can signal that you speak the truth. But a single case does not mean anything. A person can really combed nose or throat locked. So you should only pay attention to repetitive gestures, only if it is safe to say that you are lying.

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