How to overcome the gloomy mood? 9 Rules

How to overcome the gloomy mood? 9 Rules
 Today, you all do not like, nothing pleases, goes wrong, weighs somber mood. That affect it? Disturbed sleep, ill call, feeling unwell, and may the memory of a recent unpleasant event. Do not despair, there are some rules that need to be sure to take advantage of.

You recently indulged in everything. But not today. Resolutely go to the fridge and get your favorite cake. No, do not leave a piece for tomorrow. Enjoy today. And a cup of hot chocolate does not hurt you.

Just resolutely open cabinet, select and wear the most frank, the most striking, extravagant outfit. And the best one that wanted to surprise her friends for the next celebration. And forward to receive compliments, improve mood.

At work, be active. Organize your day. Be diligent, attentive, unfailingly obey all superiors. Work, work, work. It distracts from bad thoughts. Then rest at the end of the day you will find paradise. A bad mood? On it no longer remember.

Coming to this day from the apartment, do not forget to say hello to all friends, take them to their full attention, be friendly. Do not forget about the nasty old women on a bench near the entrance, make them pleasant and myself.

The most serious weapon against the gloom - a journey. Buy a ticket to the next town, take a stroll through its streets, look in the eyes of familiar people, visit a museum, a theater, a coffee shop, buy yourself something to remember an interesting city. Soon the darkness dissipated, defeated a desire to return to the pleasant feeling of fatigue in his hometown.

At all times, helping to relieve stress exercise. Any gloomy mood dissipated in the gym at the gym or at the stadium, and then in the pool. A logical conclusion of the recovery process is to visit a friend masseur.

Never be alone with gloomy thoughts. Go out to the people. Walk the old park on the banks of a river or lake. Think, find the cause of a bad mood, deal in itself, try to change something in their lives. Finally, imagine that someone could be a lot worse than you.

It is now the time has come to prepare a gourmet meal. You recently were going to do it.
Call guests. Communication with good old friends will be effective. You will be satisfied and no longer think of a bad mood.

Wherever you are, whoever and communicated to do, do not forget to smile. If this continues throughout the day without a break, a bad mood can not long resist. And then - you won!

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