How to beat complexes

How to beat complexes
 Complexes called negative and negative feelings that arise at the subconscious level of man and affect his thinking and behavior. Since complexes do not need to put up because they slowly poison the lives and deprived of happiness.  
 At the heart of all the complexes is absolutely fear. This sense of a person needs only to a reasonable degree, but when it was over, the person feels worse, both physically and emotionally. As for the facilities, they are more concerned with the fear of doing something wrong, mistaken, confused, etc. Therefore, a person tries to avoid anything that is connected with his fears, and partially closed in itself.

If you intend to overcome their complexes, then follow the directions set forth below.

Conduct in-depth analysis. On a sheet of paper note those complexes that poison your life. Then think about what may have contributed to your life to their development. Mandatory requirement: to consider each set separately. You can even record the possible causes of their appearance and the situations in which they occur.

Be honest with yourself. Think about how is the situation. Maybe you do not want to do anything and just shrugs off the problems with the phrase "children's complexes are not treated", although at the moment may not be reasons to succumb to internal negative feelings. For example, if you abandoned by their parents, and you do not get the proper love, but now near you loving friends and my husband, why should convince yourself that you're whole life suffer because of the fact that you are not strong enough to love child ?! The main thing is, what is your life now.

Praise yourself. Everyone has special qualities, virtues and talents. Therefore it is necessary to know their strengths and respect yourself for what you have developed them. Mentally Encourage yourself and learn to accept the praise of others.

Avoid criticism. In your environment there should be people who can not afford to criticize and humiliate you. Communicating with them, you will never be able to look at yourself objectively. Do everything you can to these people were as far away from you and your inner world.

Set goals. You can learn a foreign language or do needlework. The main thing - to achieve what helps you feel inside above and decent. When a person has a normal self-esteem, he is ready to reflect the external negative.

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