Netsuke. Philosophers' stone

Netsuke. Philosophers' stone
 Japanese culture amazes the world with its uniqueness, which is preferred by the elegance of the interior appearance in a realistic manner. The Japanese appreciate works of art not for the expensive magnificence, but for the impressions that remain in memory. In this kind of Japanese art is netsuke - to minimize the product of decorative plastic. Despite their artistic value, netsuke has application function. Through its through-holes for the cord, belt kimono hung small items.  

Beginning with the twentieth century, carved netsuke considered small sculptures. Style performance figures reflect the ideas of Japanese Zen teachings. Comprehension of reality takes place on the basis of intuitive knowledge of his own nature. Zen teacher based on the fact that the perception of natural phenomena should go through an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. You can not divide the world into separate situations and events. It goes back a variety of subjects netsuke, a wide range of materials, acute emotional expressiveness and solidity of form.

To understand the importance of every single detail, the master of netsuke like to use asymmetrical silhouettes, always avoid too correct forms and geometric rules. Philosophy netsuke inclines us to believe that the symmetry is merely a product of mental activity of mankind, it is alien to nature in its essence. Animals, plants, various primitive objects are often portrayed in "style one corner." Master grabs the only thing out of the cycle of life, gives him such techniques spatial perception of the viewer, which give rise to a sense of the vastness of the world and peace of mind.

Masters netsuke often concentrated in highly expressed awkward parts devoid of such qualities as harmony and perfection, I wish our eye. The art is to convey the beauty of primitivism, make it available to our aesthetic perception. Netsuke reflects the spiritual realm inanimate, from the social point of view of the world. Here ends the manifestation of intelligence, and there is a facet of intuitive knowledge, dominated our archetypes rather than acquired education setting.

To understand the beneficial magic netsuke, remember that we, in contrast to the contemplative mentality East, endowed with active expression that requires verbosity. If you close your mouth, because of the expected etiquette, some of us can, then stop the flow of thoughts is possible to very few people. This is the task of netsuke, this is the secret of Eastern philosophy, leading to the maximum relaxation of the brain to heal the body.

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